Autism Assessment for Children & Young People

The Invertay Practice: Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessments

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Autism Assessments for Children & Young People

At The Invertay Practice, we specialize in undertaking multi-disciplinary Autism assessments children and young people. Employing gold-standard diagnostic tools like ADOS, our expert clinicians ensure that each assessment epitomizes excellence. Engaging in multiple sessions, either in-person or digitally, our approach is thorough and aims to comprehend the complete profile of the child or young person, covering their developmental, educational, and family history. Collaboratively involving parents/carers, the child or young person, and schools/colleges where applicable, we ensure a 360-degree evaluation.

Post-assessment, we conduct a feedback session to share our thoughts and summarise the outcome of the assessment, forward plan, and address any queries. A comprehensive written report is then provided, detailing the assessment procedure, findings, strengths, challenges, and recommended interventions.

Please note: We do not accept referrals for adolescents with learning disabilities, psychotic illnesses, or who are currently at high risk of harming themselves or others.

Educational Assessments 

The Invertay Practice offers bespoke educational assessments for children starting from the age of 5. Tailored to suit the unique needs of every child or adolescent, these evaluations can range from a broad assessment of cognitive abilities to specific areas like literacy challenges. We delve into emotional/social, cognitive, academic, communication, physical/sensory, and environmental dimensions that impact learning, involving all stakeholders in the process.

Upon culmination of the assessment, a detailed report is shared with the family/adolescent, highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and suggesting educational supports. An optional feedback session can also be arranged for a thorough understanding of the findings.

Therapeutic Interventions 

The Invertay Practice is equipped to provide a range of therapeutic interventions for children, young people and/or their parents. 

Our therapy sessions aim to alleviating emotional distress, help aid understanding of psychological processes, and discuss strategies that promote healthy ways of coping. The duration and frequency of therapy vary based on individual needs, with sessions typically lasting between 60-90 minutes, available both offline and online.

Booking Appointments 

Appointments with The Invertay Practice can easily be scheduled by filling out our online referral form. Once our clinicians have read the form, they will contact you directly by email to discuss the best way forward.