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Our approach to Neurodiversity

At The Invertay Practice, we recognize and celebrate the vast spectrum of human variation, firmly believing that neurodiversity is a cornerstone of our collective strength. Our dedicated team – some of whom are themselves neurodiverse – is deeply committed to understanding, supporting, and empowering individuals with diverse neurological, cognitive, emotional and sensory experiences. 

By marrying expertise with empathy, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for neurodiverse individuals and their families. With an array of services tailored for all ages, we endeavor to advocate with you (rather than for you) and deliver (or help you access) supports that impact directly on your daily functioning and quality of life. 

Adult and Child-Specific Expertise

Specializing in the unique challenges and strengths of neurodiverse children and adults, our team is here to build a relationship with you.

Holistic Approach

You are far more than a diagnosis. We work with the whole of you, and with your individual strengths and challenges.

Sensory Integration Therapy

We have a dedicated Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner who can explore your sensory profile with you and help you find ways of managing your sensory experiences. This is a very popular service and important for many neurodiverse individuals who may not be aware of the impact of their sensory experiences.

Community Building

Beyond services, we're dedicated to building a community where neurodiverse adults can thrive. We work with schools and universities, employers, charities, and other health services. We also liaise with local counsellors and MSP's about important issues around neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity refers to the variety of differences in how people think and process the world. It acknowledges and respects neurological differences like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others as natural variations of the human brain.

Anyone who identifies with or suspects they may have a neurodivergent condition can benefit. This includes individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other neurodivergent conditions, as well as their families, educators, and employers.

Services can range from assessments and diagnoses to counselling, therapy, support groups, sensory profiles and sensory integration work, language and communication profiles,  educational interventions, workplace accommodations, and more

Yes, while a psychological evaluation may look at a broader range of emotional and cognitive aspects, a neurodiversity assessment specifically focuses on identifying neurodivergent conditions and understanding an individual's unique neurological profile.

No, neurodiversity services cater to individuals of all ages, from children to adults.

Yes, we offer remote consultations to ensure everyone has access to our services, regardless of location